Lynn Chen, TV Host, Blogger, Actor, invited us to share our favorites.  

Who – Jocelyn of HangryDiary.  Our passion for exploring new restaurants inspired us to launch the food account. My sister (Justine) and I were raised in Hong Kong and we moved to Los Angeles to continue our education. Justine graduated from UCLA, while I graduated from USC. You can probably find us standing on chairs/sofas taking photos in the restaurants.

What she’s watching – Chef’s Table (2015)Throughout the show, you can see passionate people doing their best work. You get to know the people behind the restaurants. You see how the different dishes were conceptualized, how they were made, and why it was made this way as opposed to another way. I especially loved the first episode (S01E01: Osteria Francescana) and the last episode (S01E06: Fäviken).  House of Cards: In addition to having good character development, the plot is gripping and complex. Netflix always releases the entire season at once, so I never have to wait for any episodes.  Daredevil: I like this show because even though it is based on a comic book – just like what Christopher Nolan did for the Dark Knight/Batman – the show is realistic, dark and gritty; it’s totally believable that someone like the Daredevil can exist in real life.  Besides that, the show has a good story and a good cast.

What she’s eating – Ice cream: Ice cream is perfect for any weather, especially when it comes from Carmela Ice Cream. What is better than holding a bowl of different flavored ice creams and sitting on the couch with a blanket?!   Fried Chicken and Beer:  You can never go wrong with fried chicken paired with bottles of cold beer. Our favorite fried chicken is from Poppy+Rose in Los Angeles. Cookies and Milk: Sometimes, we just want some snacks to go with the shows, and there’s nothing better than cookies and milk!  The cookies from Milk Jar are our favorite.